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Why Beehive

Shared Bill Payment and Membership plans

Consumers have changed. They’re looking for new ways to engage with businesses. As a result, new types of business models have exploded, all designed to keep customers consistently engaged in long-term relationships — think Netflix, Amazon Prime, Uber, Spotify, Doordash. This trend extends to many types of local businesses as well.

Many businesses are beginning to grasp the value of the relationship as more and more customers are transforming into members and subscribers. It is these loyal customers that will increasingly driving predictable revenues and increasing profits.

Creating the subscription experience that meets consumers' need is complicated and painful. Beehive is on a mission to change this. We are making it easy for businesses to transform their products and services into subscription or membership packages. The Beehive platform is designed for invoicing, subscription, membership and installment payments. Our platform simply takes the pain out of getting paid for businesses, whether for a one-off payment request, or for a recurring subscription. Leaving the heavy lifting associated with payments to Beehive, businesses focus on building the customer relationship, rather than the “product” or the “transaction.”

Beehive also provides businesses and their customers great visibility over payments and transactions. This will help businesses to find new ways to deliver ongoing value and build long-term loyalty.

Growing Business

Creating a subscriber base and recurring revenues is an obvious choice for Dentists and Veterinarians in-lieu of insurance programs. These businesses use Beehive to simplify subscriptions, invoicing and customer service. Beehive also greatly simplifies payment collection while building deeper customer relationships through targeted marketing programs, and helps businesses to grow their revenues with fewer headaches.

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