Shared Bill Payment
and membership plans
to help patients pay for your services

Shared Bill PaymentLearn More

Let your patients focus on the dental treatment and fundraise to cover the expense

  • Our GoZeroBill service transforms estimates and bills into fundraising campaigns automatically
  • Patients fill out a campaign form, attach a picture, and within minutes a funding campaign is active
  • Patrons commit to help with a contribution sent directly to you, the provider. You accept the payment and provide service

Membership Plans Learn More

Create a membership plan, Accept payment in installments or other partial payments

  • Grow membership and build a predictable revenue dental practice without the administrative burden
  • Offer multiple products and pricing plans with volume and graduated discounts to maximize membership enrollment
  • We make it easy for your customers to enroll to your products and pay you from anywhere, with any device, and at anytime
  • Competitive credit cards rates from our payment processing partners and an even lower 1% fee for ACH bank payments

Pay by Link Learn More

Customers pay faster with Pay By Link. Reduce time chasing unpaid invoices

  • Sending a text message with a payment link will get more attention. The customer will start and complete the transaction in under one minute
  • Secure online payments without needing a website. 24/7 payments with auto reminders
  • Support for most payment gateways. Easy integration
  • Communicate with customers with your own brand identity
  • Developer friendly. A single API call to automate payment link generation from within your application